Building a Prayer Space

1 Timothy 2 vs 1

I urge, the, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for all people.

Some of you may remember the prayer tent we had a couple of

years ago.  It would be lovely to do it again but due to COVID

it’s not possible—or is it?

Well it’s not a tent but we are going to arrange a PRAYER SPACE.

This will be at the back of the church where the children’s area is

and where we had the tent before.  The purpose is to have a 

space in church where collectively we can put some of our prayers. 

There is much praying happening at the moment

and so much to pray for.  So to that end; we would love you to send

in your prayers, poems, pictures, thoughts, bible readings

or whatever God has put on your heart & mind.  This is all age and all ways

creatively to pray, so encourage any children or teenagers you may know

or neighbours or friends so together we can bring our prayers, petitions,

requests, thanksgiving and praise to God our Father 

and our Lord Jesus Christ.

How do I do that I hear you ask, well a number of ways

Jenny will have a box in her porch for you to drop anything in that

you would like to add to this space or you could post something the

traditional way  (address below) for those of you who may not be on social media

or email (address below) and it will be printed off and put in there.

As this will be a COVID free space only one person will be allowed in

and we would respectfully ask that if you do go into church for any

reason you do not touch or go into the space.

I pray that this will be an uplifting and blessed space to be shared by all.

Each week pictures will be uploaded to the website and facebook so you can 

see how it’s growing.

You can post to the church at 

Prayer Space, St Martin’s Church, Daffodil Road, Walsall WS5 3DQ

Email to:

Drop in the box in Jenny’s porch